Fabio Sabatino’s thesis, “DIS-GRAZIATI. Fenomenologia degli stili nel design grafico contemporaneo”, is an interesting, difficult and ironic research about contemporary progression of style influences on young graphic-designers who approach the profession. In the contemporary continuous “flow” of self-refreshing/self-evolving styles in graphic design, it is very hard to be able to trace certain lines of phenomenological identification of styles. Fabio Sabatino tries this difficult task, also trying to connect the evolution of styles to the evolution of technological innovations that have an influence not only on the “methods” of construction of the images, but above all on the underlying imagery (culture).

The thesis therefore turns out to be a rich investigation, at times philosophical, at times sociological, at times even extremely ironic, on the possible transitions of styles in the contemporary era, also including risky hypotheses regarding the new paradigms of artificial intelligence.
The practical thesis project leads to the creation of a very interesting animation video “on the evolution” of a typographic “serif”, here linked.

Note: the title “dis-graziati” is an ironic interpretation, a kind of a linguistic game, strongly linked to the Italian language, on the term “sans serif”, relative to the characters “bastoni” or grotesque.
“Disgrazia” in Italian means both “disgrace” and creatively “without serif” (sans-serif)

Thesis project: Fabio Sabatino
Relatore / supervisor: prof. Danilo Danisi.
Correlatore / Co-supervisor: prof. Christian Ghisellini