During the Covid19 pandemic, We were forced to organize all the annual Ababo typical events in online mode. Among these events is also and above all the Academic Open Day.
We tried to turn the problem into a creative stimulus.

In this class exercise, some students of the 2nd year of the 2019/2020 academic year of my Computer Graphic course, tried to play with the logo of the Ababo Open Day 2020, generating small clips that can react in real time with a, played or pre-existing, sound source. In most of the cases the sound source was composed/designed by the student himself, through the Ableton Live software. (one of the subjects of this CG course)

The selected students are, in the order of appearance: Matteo Peris, Silvia Minali & Emma Vezzaro, Andrea Lindelli, Alessandro Didio, Ilaria Soranzio, Tommaso Guarino, Tommaso Bonetti, Fabio Sabatino, Federica Gamberini, Simone Fuso, Kaoutar Majdouli, Erica Rinaldi.

Tommaso Bonetti’s interactive video, was selected by the institution as the opening video of the OpenDay event.

Computer graphics course exercise, 2019/2020
Prof. Danilo Danisi