Chiara Basile’s thesis, “HUMAN RIGHTS – A code for visual translation”, is a long-term project, developed by Chiara during the 3 years of studies in Graphic Design, which through an intermediate design experience of video mapping project, ends with a thesis on social and political design, through an Interactive Augmented Reality (AR) installation, freely downloadable by citizens. The Project was initially developed in the form of group work, in the design class of Prof.ssa Marina Gasparini who proposed the basic concept to the class (see slides for details); later in the years Chiara decided to extend the basic concept to bring it to more technological results, using motion & interaction visual design techniques.
As Chiara write in her thesis: “This thesis work has developed around the triple of human rights, and in particular of their diffusion and awareness among individuals. He tried to investigate the aspect concerning the communication of these values ​​in order to understand if and to what extent the methods adopted to date have been adequate to convey, promote and protect them. The resulting project is therefore aimed at making the public aware of respect for human rights, informing them first of all, but also urging them to act in some way. I set myself the goal of devising, through communication systems derived from graphic design, methods and alternative solutions for the dissemination in particular of the principles contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the document adopted from the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1948. The aim is to increase general knowledge of the subject and at the same time promote its diffusion among people, so as to instill in the community a new conception of these universal values.

Thesis: Chiara Basile
Relatore / supervisor: prof. Carlo Branzaglia
Correlatore / co-supervisor: prof. Danilo Danisi
Class work group concept: prof.ssa Marina Gasparini