FU CINE, is a project by IBC in collaboration with Ababo and Cineteca Bologna.
FU CINE is a film restoration exposition, that will be showed in the next months of 2018. Students of first year in Graphic Design, in the course of “Progettazione Grafica 1” directed by professor Danilo Danisi, provided to design the “event identity” system. Here are showed six wonderful, different and creative approaches of the students at the same project/problem. 6 Student’s groups designed 6 different projects.
“Nurage” proposal was the project selected by the commission and will be the operative event identity in the next months.
Project FU CINE, has made thanks to the collaboration with prof.ssa Camilla Roversi Monaco (Ababo), prof.ssa Melissa Gianferrari (Ababo) and dott.ssa Antonella Salvi (Regione Emilia Romagna).
The video documentation of the project, edited by the Ababo “cinema” course, curated by prof. Maurizio Finotto, is available on youtube at:

Here is the projects (student’s names in the PDF):

GRUPPO BAV@ Presentazione Fondo Cinema def-low


GRUPPO GRPHC_Presentazione_Il cinema restaurato_low



Gruppo User

Selected Images: