This year ISIA Urbino will host the XVI edition of the National Award of the Arts, an important initiative at national level that aims to bring to light and compare innovative research and projects carried out by the main AFAM Institutes, Universities and Design Schools of Italian Communication and Europeans capable of critically reflecting and making proposals relating to the theme of Design teaching.

Ababo will participate in the selection of the award with 4 projects.
The one presented here is the educational project, “Circonferenze2030”, a cycle of meetings that followed up the design of more than 80 poster designs on the themes of the “5P” of the UN Agenda 2030, curated by Danilo Danisi (Ababo) and Fabiana Ielacqua (UniBo, Aiap)

Below is the 5-minute video on the “Circonferenze2030” project, with talks, poster design projects and student exhibitions.

The themes that will unite the selected projects and which will be addressed in the three days of conferences will be: History and teaching of design, Innovative and inclusive teaching models, relationship between Design teaching, research and profession, Design for training, Design teaching and contexts , Spaces and tools for design teaching.
During the three days of the event (29 September – 01 October) the school will organize exhibitions, meetings and round tables with international guests.

Guest list: Danah Abdulla, Lisa Baumgarten, Nicola Chemotti, Marco Ferrari, Formafantasma, Davide Fornari, Matthias Görlich, Joseph Grima, Patrick Lacey, Ellen Lupton, Lena Mahr, Markus Miessen, Jonathan Pierini, Vera Sacchetti, Silvia Sfligiotti, Leonardo Sonnoli, Nina Paim, Alessandro Petti, Marco Tortoioli Ricci.

The Award is sponsored by the Marche Region, the Province of Pesaro and Urbino, the Municipality of Urbino, the Upper Metauro Valley Mountain Union, AIAP Italian Association of Visual Communication Design and AGI Alliance Graphique Internationale.


The culture of graphic design meets the “5Ps” of the UN 2030 Agenda Series of conferences and workshops a.a. 2021/2022

Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna AIAP Italian Association of Visual Communication Design With the support of: Advanced Design Unit, Department of Architecture, Unibo
Danilo Danisi (Ababo), Fabiana Ielacqua (AIAP, Unibo)
With the contribution of:
Erica Preli (Ababo), Matteo Carboni (Un Altro Studio) Graphic design of the exhibition: Sara Carfora (Ababo student) Editing and music: Danilo Danisi (Ababo) Texts: Carlo Branzaglia (Ababo)
Francesco E. Guida; ChiaLab; Armando Milani; Studio Obelo; Typo workshop; Cristina Chiappini, Cristiana Scoppa; Ester Manitto; Jonathan Pierini


Circonferenze2030, format and educational design project, is a cycle of eight remote conferences (open in streaming to the public) organized with AIAP, a reference association in the sector, which hosted great masters of Italian graphic design as well as the latest generation of designers. Each meeting was the subject of an in-person workshop, to generate by the students a series of handbills dedicated to the 5Ps of the UN Agenda 2030 (People, Peace, Prosperity, Partnership, Planet). These projects were collectively presented to citizens to build a possible glossary of signs to communicate a fair and sustainable future.

Innovative and inclusive teaching models
The project aims to sensitize students to the varied potential of the social role of design in a strong interaction between profession and teaching, classroom in the presence and remotely, historical teachings and innovative practices, strategic objectives and tactical solutions.

The UN 2030 agenda proposes seventeen goals and five keywords for the sustainable development of humanity itself, delivered to a climate of continuous crisis. Design has repeatedly represented the idea of ​​designing a sustainable world for most people, not only through manifestos of intent but also through a daily practice of activities on people and territories. The theme of social responsibility evoked by Albe Steiner in the 1940s forces communication design to reflect in broad terms on social, environmental and economic sustainability.

Students must develop a basic awareness of the fundamental role that communication design can play in proposing and supporting issues of social responsibility also applied to the commodity market. This theme should be considered a characterizing element of an Italian vision of design, in its connection to the local history of graphic design.

Written by: Carlo Branzaglia

Exhibiiton at “Un Altro Studio” (courtesy: Matteo Carboni) – Photo (c) ClaudioCostanzoph
Exhibiiton at “Un Altro Studio” (courtesy: Matteo Carboni) – Photo (c) ClaudioCostanzoph

Other 3 Projects will be presented at PNA design 2022.

Here below you can experience the related video:


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Thesis project by Giulia Tacaca. Professor: Anna Paola Tortoroglio

La Fabbrichètta.

Project by Ababo product design course . Professor: Chiara Cibin.