Circonferenze 2030 is a cycle of 9 meetings on graphic design with established AIAP professionals in the sector of italian graphic design system.
Circonferenze 2030 is a didactic project with the triangulation of 3 institutions: Ababo, Aiap and Unibo.
Curated by Danilo Danisi and Fabiana Ielacqua, at the end of which the students of Ababo and Unibo are asked to create a thematic poster 50×70 cm on the theme of the day. (project challenges)
These “project challenges” and the entire cycle of meetings proposed a link between the Culture of Graphic Design and the 5Ps of ONU Agenda 2030: People, Prosperity, Peace, Partnership, Planet.

Every Friday from 22 October to 17 December 2021, from 16.00 to 18.00, professionals and AIAP professionals illustrated how the graphic design contributed to development of People and the Planet and through projects and case studies also showing how to activate and contribute to the creation of virtuous Partnerships and actions of Prosperity and Peace. In perfect line with the 5Ps and with what was declared by the UN in Agenda 2030, the series of meetings is a tangible testimony of the fact that Culture of the Project can really improve the quality of life of the communities.

The designers and the studios involved in the project are:
Francesco E. Guida, ChiaLab, Armando Milani, Studio Obelo, Officina Typo, Cristina Chiappini + Cristiana Scoppa, Stefano Guerrini, Ester Manitto, Jonathan Pierini.
Curated and edited by Danilo Danisi and Fabiana Ielacqua.
A further thanks goes to my colleague Erica Preli for the co-organization of two meetings.

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Some of the talks are open and accessible at:

Here below, the fantastic graphic results of more than 200 posters made by the students of both institutions, Ababo and Unibo, based on the 8 project challenges proposed by the senior designers from AIAP. Graphic identity of Circonferenze2030 was designed entirely by the student of the Graphic Design 1 course of Ababo, miss. Sara Carfora, in a classroom project.


22 ottobre 2021 – Talk nazionale gratuita, aperta al pubblico
Relatore: Francesco E. Guida
Rappresentazioni femminili e donne graphic designer. Per una riscrittura della storia
del progetto grafico.

29 ottobre 2021
Relatori: Beppe Chia, Alex Weste, Andrea Alberti (Antonio D’Elisiis)
Tre progetti.

5 novembre 2021 – Talk nazionale gratuita, aperta al pubblico
Relatore: Armando Milani
Eco Humanity. Visioni di Armando Milani

12 novembre 2021
Relatrici: Studio Obelo (Marzotto Claude)
Toolkit. Togheter. Twist.

19 novembre 2021
Relatori: Officina Typo
La grafica per resistere. Tipografia e stampa al servizio delle persone e della libertà.

26 novembre 2021 – Talk Nazionale gratuita, aperta al pubblico
Relatrici: Cristina Chiappini, Cristiana Scoppa
Straight and changing. Dinamiche di genere e linguaggio visivo.

3 dicembre 2021
Relatore: Stefano Guerrini
Lo styling come storytelling. Raccontare storie, icone e linguaggi visivi attraverso i
redazionali di moda.

10 dicembre 2021
Relatrice: Ester Manitto
Educazione al valore. Dalla scuola bottega alla scuola diffusa.

17 dicembre 2021 – Talk nazionale gratuita, aperta al pubblico
Relatore: Jonathan Pierini
A fare molti libri non c’è fine…