In the keynote below it is possible to view about 51 minutes of design projects developed within the Ababo Graphic Design course by me and by my work colleagues, until January 2019. It’s just a small part of the real amount of Academic activity that we designed in the past years. The showed design projects in the keynote, are a mixed/random selection of works made for different courses/professors during my activity of coordinator for the Graphic Design Ababo course. Some of these projects were realized for exams, some are thesis projects, some other are “simple” class exercises or projects coming out from workshops, seminars, conferences, extended projects, competitions, etc…
For each of these works, the individual credit is indicated at the bottom left of the video frames.
A little part of these showed projects, especially those conceived within my teaching activity, are presented individually and in more detail in other specific articles of this personal de>signo blog.

Danilo Danisi