As part of the events organized to celebrate the fortieth birthday of Orea Malià, the historic “temple of look” of Bolognese creativity and beyond, the award ceremony and the exhibition of the contest of the brand’s projects created by the students of the Graphic Design Course of the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna. The project is a part of “Ababo Opentour 2019” main event.

Curated and promoted by: prof. Carlo Branzaglia
Graphic design classroom projects: 1st year students, a.a.18/19, prof. Danilo Danisi

Event poster

Winning Project by: SILVIA MINALI
Silvia Minali, together to: (sx >) Danilo Danisi, Carlo Branzaglia, Orea Malià

The proposals presented to the logo contest were more than 23, at least 1 for each student of the first year graphic design class. Some of these proposals were really very innovative and the choice of the winner was not easy. By virtue of the “changing” history of the Orea Malià logo, the selected student was Silvia Minali. All students were rewarded with Malià brand merchandising items.

Below are the individual proposals including a textual explanation.
Special thanks to Carlo Branzaglia for the organization and care of the project.

Students partecipating: Claudia Antonioli, Marco Bernardi, Tommaso Bonetti, Elisa Casolari, Alessandro Didio, Filippo Giorgini, Francesco Misceo, Simone Fuso, Gaia Peterlini, Francesca Gamberini, Kaoutar Majdouli, Andrea Lindelli, Giada Macaluso, Davide Mandini, Giulia Martin, Silvia Minali, Laura Ceccardi, Matteo Peris, Erica Rinaldi, Fabio Sabatino, Ilaria Soranzio, Giulia Tacaca, Emma Vezzaro