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Michelangelo Greco’s thesis, “LA GRAFICA DI PROTESTA DEL BLACK PANTHER PARTY COME STRUMENTO DI ANALISI SULLA MEMORIA” (THE PROTEST GRAPHICS OF THE BLACK PANTHER PARTY AS A TOOL FOR ANALYSIS ON MEMORY), is a wonderful book of 340 pages about the history of Black Panther Party, the famous political movement against American racist ideology, born in 1966 in Oakland, California, founded by Huey Newton, Bobby Seale and assisted by the graphic communicative contribution of the famous designer Emory Douglas. The entire book investigates the deep roots of the black liberation struggle, through the work of the BPP, analyzing its structure, birth, development, metamorphosis and end, and ultimately asking “what the revolution looks like”, investigating the deep reasons for some choices of the graphic design of the time, which have to do with the story of memory.

The whole book is masterfully designed in an incredible contemporary mix of “brutalist ” and “bored-chic” graphic styles, using limited color palette for each chapter, bitmap and glitched aesthetics, old school referencies, card inserts, with an excellent alternation between pages of text/documents and re-interpreted historical images. 90% of the book is strictly printed on recycled paper.
In addition to this wonderful book, Michelangelo presented some experimental and underground political posters, printed with creative fluorescent and metallic tones.

Thesis: Michelangelo Greco
Relatore / supervisor: prof. Danilo Danisi
Correlatore / co-supervisor: prof.ssa Erica Preli

The project is well showed at the behance profile of Michelangelo Greco (aka Dude):