Are you hungry ?
Do you love design ?
Food design or design for Food ?

Giulia Garoni’s thesis, “MANGIARE CON GLI OCCHI”, is an interesting research about contemporary orthorexic society and the rule that innovative design can play as a spinner and facilitator of creative choice processes. Food design, or design for food ? Through a cross-analysis of the relationships between food and design, Giulia designs a visual menu, made up of what she calls visual food. “Conquer the eyes and entice the palate!”. The protagonist is the design, the food is the consequence, in a reversal of roles. The visual project, called “Papilla”, further connects the discourse on food to the traditions of the Ravenna area (the student’s birthplace), so that design, food and territory find a perfect design balance in a single formal synthesis.
The project makes use of the collaboration of chef Lorenzo Mambelli, who has allowed an experimentation of the process in the field, investigated through a series of interviews with customers.

Thesis project: Giulia Garoni
Relatore / supervisor: prof. Danilo Danisi.