Svilupparty and I.P.I.D. (Italian Party of Indie Developers), are two italian associations, based in Bologna, that deal with the culture and development of video games in Italy and its diffusion.
Svilupparty is properly an annual symposium on the independent development of video games in Italy which, year after year, sees its number of visitors, exhibitors and onlookers grow.
I.P.I.D. is the first Italian trade association of independent video game developers, born in Bologna to act as the institutional representative of a group of cultural operators not yet well placed in the register of creative professions.

The graphic design students attending the first year of my graphic design course of 2018/2019 were asked to design the logo and the visual identity of both associations, trying to keep the two identities clearly distinct even on a formal / stylistic level. Among the splendid projects presented, that of Kaoutar Majdouli was chosen to represent Svilupparty, while that of Laura Ceccardi was selected for the I.P.I.D.

The choice of the commission was extremely difficult: many of the projects present a remarkable quality, as can be seen in the following slides.

Caution(!) : All of the images below are COPYRIGHT (c) of the authors, the Ababo, the course’s professor. Any form of reproduction and / or altered copy is legally not authorized.

Kaoutar Majdouli: selected design for Svilupparty logo
Laura Ceccardi: selected design for Svilupparty logo