Michelangelo Greco is a classic italian face. With such a name, no other face is possible. His eyes are very typical-italian. He is a thin guy, ready to work.
How do you imagine an italian man? Here is Michelangelo. Add a touch of vaporwave on the socks and mixed natural flavors around.
But inside, he is not really italian. He’s pugliese, that’s a big difference. A scientific demonistration of this statement is that Michelangelo love when you say “none”.
None Michelangelo, none !
“None” stands for negation > The term belongs to both the English language and Pugliese dialect. Michelangelo, when he hear “none”, he feels international. Because he knows to be pugliese. For these unassailable reasons, he is a real little genius of the graphic design.

Here is a little animation, made by Michelangelo for professor Christian Ghisellini’s exam. I published it here, because i loved it immediately. (p.s. the little guy moving around, is Michelangelo, but he is not so fat).

Illustration & Graphics & Animation & Music by: Michelangelo Greco