On the occasion of Svilupparty 2019, a Bolognese sector event dedicated to video game developers, the Bologna Academy of Fine Arts is pleased to host Crespo Sun, project manager of Ice Games – Shanghai. The in-depth meeting on the characteristics of the Chinese videogame market will also be an opportunity for productive collaboration and mutual knowledge between the Chinese and Italian student population of Ababo and poses an important cultural issue: what a game artist should know about the Chinese market, for to become a “global game developer”? – Edited by Ivan Venturi and Danilo Danisi

Crespo Sun has 13 years of experience in the game industry, the first job is the assistant producer in Electronic Arts. He also served as QA Leader, project manager, business developer in his previous career.

Current job is an overseas business development manger in Ice Games that is a mobile game developer company in China Mainland, and publish the game in China, Taiwan, Korea Malaysia and Singapore. He is looking forward the global partners for localization, artwork outsourcing, voice-over and try to take a mobile to publish to China in this year.

Crespo was a leader for a delegation of the members for Shanghai Online Game Association to attend the Nordic Game as a sponsor in last year at Malmo, Sweden. After that, led the delegation to visit the local game companies, association and government department in Stockholm and Helsinki.

He had a share in FIFA series, Need for Speed, Command & Conquer 3, Sims 2 series and Spore as localization producer. And he made a deal with Aeria Games that make a Chinese style mobile game reskin to Western art style and publish in global and Aeria Games was the publisher and afford the cost of re-skin, the name is Dawn of Gods.

Crespo Sun in Ababo